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Stopain® Clinical Video Library

Stopain® Clinical Video Library

FCA 2021: Most Outstanding Booth

Stopain Clinical at the National by the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) – Most Outstanding Booth

Layering Stopain® Clinical with Kinesiology Tape

Teresa Matthews demonstrates how to layer Stopain Clinical with Kinesiology Tape (Knee Application) – Before and After Tape Application

Stopain® Clinical - Features and Applications, Gel, Roll-On and Spray

Introduction to Stopain Clinical Topical Pain Relief – Quick Product Overview (Great for Clinic Waiting Areas)

Topical Analgesic for Pain Control with Sue Falsone, PT, ATC

Owner of Structure & Function Education, Sue Falsone, PT, ATC discusses how and why she uses Stopain Clinical for Pain Control and benefits of decreasing the amount of oral medication used by her patients

Topical Analgesics in Concert with Your Wonderful Hands-On Skills

Massage Therapist, Benny Vaughn shares how he combines Stopain Clinical with hands-on skills to enhance massage therapy sessions.