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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Stopain® Clinical by reviewing these Frequently Asked Questions about our products. If you need additional information, or would like submit an inquiry, you may Contact Us, or our offical distributor in Canada, Heal Faster.

  • When should I use Stopain® Clinical Roll-On instead of Gel or Spray?

    Stopain® Clinical Roll-On provides hands-free application and the roller ball applicator provides a light massage while the user applies the pain relieving gel to the pain site. Great for common conditions like foot pain and plantar fasciitis, trigger point relief, neck pain and other areas where applying pressure while rolling-on the topical anagesic would provide additional relief.

    NOTE: The Roll-On is typically used by one individual and not shared as the applicator comes in contact with the user. The Spray and Gel Tube are better for sharing amongst teams or groups.

  • When should I use Stopain® Clinical Spray instead of Gel or Roll-On?

    The Stopain® Clinical Continuous Spray is a hands-free application ideal for hard to reach spots with no need to rub or massage the product into the skin. It is great for lower back pain and sore feet and ankles. It works everywhere the gel and roll on is used so it truly comes down to the user’s needs and preference.

    NOTE: Stopain® Clinical 360˚ Continuous Spray is perfect for settings with multiple users i.e. a soccer team, athletic training room, and other scenarios where there may be concerns with individuals using the same applicator (like sharing a Roll-On bottle).